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Playing with Fire

Putting LGBTQ history on the school curriculum is merely the symptom. The metaphysical foundations and significance of the new California history syllabus are much deeper and far more consequential than are its moral implications, whatever the Left or the Right might like to think.
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Against Human Rights

The Christian roots of Europe: The phrase puts me off. It points to something true, yes, and contemporary Europe remains profoundly indebted to its Christian past. Even the transnational ambition of the European Union reflects the desire for a secularized Christendom. Brussels builds on the memory . . . . Continue Reading »

The Church of the Left

Yuval Levin has an interesting commentary at the blog of National Review. It’s entitled “The Church of the Left,” and it argues for an important shift in the understanding of where religious objectors stand today after the Indiana affair.The shift goes back to the Bill of Rights. . . . . Continue Reading »

Putting Mitt’s Brain To Work For You

I don’t entirely agree with Walter Russell Mead that Romney needs to focus on becoming more likeable by doing a great job of explaining his faith.  It isn’t that I’m against Romney explaining how he was shaped by his personal faith and his institutional church.  I . . . . Continue Reading »

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