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The Yoke of Neutrality

From Web Exclusives

The original lyrics of what eventually became Canada’s national anthem were composed by Sir Adolphe Basile-Routhier in 1880. Judge Routhier was a devout Catholic, of strong ultramontanist convictions, and the lyrics he wrote—retained in Quebec but much modified in English Canada”run as follows … Continue Reading »

The Other Shoe

From First Thoughts

Why, one may wonder, did the  Windsor minority justices not see that certiorari  was granted in one of the other marriage cases they were asked to hear?  Sevcik v. Sandoval  in particular brings the basic issue more clearly into view than did  Windsor , but cert . was . . . . Continue Reading »

Chief Rabbi Bernheim’s Letter

From First Thoughts

Here, for those who read French, is the Chief Rabbi’s site containing the open letter to which Benedict’s Christmas address referred.  Those who don’t read French might want to revisit the Thirteen Theses . A sample:  Que l’on ait l’une ou l’autre des . . . . Continue Reading »

Rejoinder to Blankenhorn

From First Thoughts

Thank you, David, for your reply . Little these days surprises me, though some things in our culture do alarm me, as they do also you; and I am grateful for the way in which you have translated your alarm into positive action over these many years. Your response, however, surprises me a little, as . . . . Continue Reading »

Selma Revisited

From First Thoughts

At , David Blankenhorn is not willing to grant R. R. Reno’s dismissal of the “Selma Analogy.” I’m sure, he says, that Rusty Reno knows as well as anyone that almost no gay people (certainly no openly gay people, or at least none that I can think of) . . . . Continue Reading »