Good and Evil in Zimbabwe

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Millions went to the polls last Wednesday in the small Southern African nation of Zimbabwe in a general election that pits the incumbent, Robert Mugabe, against a divided opposition. Mugabe has held power since 1980, and, at 89, he shows no signs of yielding it. As David Coltart, member of the opposition and Minister of Education, Sport, and Culture, urged his supporters last Tuesday night… . Continue Reading »

New York City’s Uprising

From First Thoughts

New York City election headlines have been dominated by the bizarre escapades of the lecherous Anthony Weiner or the suave front-running of Christine Quinn. Social conservatives in the Big Apple can easily feel depressed by the City’s self-satisfaction with libertinism. Registered Democrats . . . . Continue Reading »

Educational Compulsions

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In his  On the Square this morning , Russell E. Saltzman reports on a curious proposal in Utah: Utah state senator Aaron Osmond has proposed eliminating compulsory public school education. He is a member of the senate’s education appropriations committee. Critics suggest—among other . . . . Continue Reading »

Population Planners’ Bad Math

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In today’s  On the Square , Keith Riler debunks the notion that abortion saves money: The birth of anyone, poor or not, will yield substantial economic benefit. Specifically, in Texas the $11,000 Medicaid-birth cost will on average return $430,000, or thirty-nine times the investment, in . . . . Continue Reading »

No Squishy Love

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In his  Monday  On the Square , Timothy George takes square aim at those who would sanitize biblical language about the holy anger of the world’s judge: ” Sin ,  judgment ,  cross , even  Christ  have become problematic terms in much contemporary . . . . Continue Reading »

In the World But Not of It

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In this morning’s column , R.R. Reno describes a former pastor who has now parted ways with orthodox Church teaching: Half-a-dozen years before he administered to me the grace of full communion he came to serve as the pastor of St. John’s, the church on the Creighton University campus, . . . . Continue Reading »