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An Integrated Humanist

From the November 2017 Print Edition

John Senior and the Restoration of Realismby francis bethel, o.s.b.thomas more, 452 pages, $34.99 H igher education has survived the end of the American century, if just barely. American colleges and universities are like a naval mothball fleet that’s still afloat but not seaworthy. Some schools . . . . Continue Reading »

All Together Now

From the January 2010 Print Edition

Biblical Natural Law: A Theocentric and Teleological Approach by Matthew Levering Oxford, 260 pages, $110 The Dominican philosopher Fergus Kerr observes that natural law is “currently perhaps the most contested topic in Thomas Aquinas’ work.” In recent years, scholars have . . . . Continue Reading »

Persons and Rights

From the December 2005 Print Edition

Who is My Neighbor? Personalism and the Foundations of Human Rights by Thomas D. Williams The Catholic University of America Press, 342 pages, $69.95 When the Christian churches incorporated “human rights” as a philosophy and project, did they take on an ethic that corrupts their best . . . . Continue Reading »

Gibson’s Passion

From the March 2004 Print Edition

From mosaics and music to paintings and plays, the arts have proven to be a mighty vehicle for retelling the Bible and bringing its stories vividly before our senses. A special intensity marks the art created for the Lenten period. Allegri’s Miserere , the moving rendition of Psalm 51 sung on . . . . Continue Reading »