Normed tolerance

Two days ago Tom Gilson alerted readers to some of the complexities associated with the contemporary notion of tolerance.Is tolerance indeed a virtue, as North American conventional wisdom would have it? As a quality ascribed to human beings, virtue is necessarily ancillary to God’s call and . . . . Continue Reading »

So You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Since we posted the ” So You Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities? “ video this morning, I thought we should give equal time to advice for aspiring law students. (Language warning: Contains an OMG and one use of a synonym for a donkey.) . . . . Continue Reading »

Luther, Dirty Harry, and Wyatt Earp

My students and I just reached the part of the semester in political  theory where we cover Martin Luther’s On Secular Authority.  In that book, he brilliantly addresses the Sermon on the Mount, insisting that Christians must observe it.  But how, you might say?  If we . . . . Continue Reading »

Every Christian is Someone Else’s Priest

In his reflection on Reformation Day, Peter Leithart clears up the misconception about the Protestant concept of the “ priesthood of all believers ”: Every Christian is a cleric, Luther proclaimed in one of his earliest treatises, The Freedom of a Christian, and those who “are now . . . . Continue Reading »

So You Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities?

Since the middle ages and the rise of the universities as distinct institution, the academic life has been a ripe target for satire. I can’t say this video is as artful as send up of scholastic logic and disputation in The Battle of the Seven Arts by Henri d’Andeli, but has some funny . . . . Continue Reading »