Obamacare: Undercutting the Rule of Law

Merrill Matthews at Forbes makes an excellent point about Obamacare undercutting of the rule of objective law and elevating subjective and/or arbitrary standards of control by bureaucrats—a theme I have also pounded like a drum.  Recall, for example, Medicare’s new Independent . . . . Continue Reading »

The Next Iranian Revolution?

Iran, it seems, is experiencing a textbook case of conflict between the aggressive and absorptive power of the secular state and religious authority. In today’s Financial Times , Najmeh Bozorgmehr reports that Iran’s highest ranking cleric is getting sideways with the officially Islamic . . . . Continue Reading »

Gay Bobos

Jonah Goldberg seems to complain that being gay is no longer being transgressive or genuinely countercultural or genuinely bohemian. The gays no longer offer us a genuinely “alternative lifestyle” that stands in contrast to the boring bourgeois family. On MODERN FAMILY, the most boring . . . . Continue Reading »

Mark’s Gospel

Max McLean’s one-man show, “ Mark’s Gospel ,” a word-for-word dramatic recitation of the entire Gospel of Mark, is now available online in its entirety. Justin Taylor has collected all sixteen videos in this post . As Taylor notes, “All said, it runs about an hour and a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Eve of New Year’s Eve

Happy eve of New Year’s Eve! For the occasion, R.R. Reno explains in his On the Square column why he’s never liked New Year’s Eve celebrations and why you shouldn’t either: New Year’s Eve is an essentially pagan holiday of renewal, one that celebrates our collective . . . . Continue Reading »

In France, Civil Unions are Replacing Marriage

In France, civil unions are becoming more popular than marriage : Some are divorced and disenchanted with marriage; others are young couples ideologically opposed to marriage, but eager to lighten their tax burdens. Many are lovers not quite ready for old-fashioned matrimony. Whatever their . . . . Continue Reading »