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Happy Birthday Alexis de Tocqueville

So I’m safely back at home in the Panera of Rome, GA. Tomorrow (the 29th—I walked most of Sunday thinking it was the 29th) is Tocqueville’s birthday. I’m trying to finish up an article on THE MIND OF THE SOUTH. There’s really quirky and brilliant book of that name by a . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Way Way Back Home

So I’m in Atlanta on the way back home from vacation. Naturally I saw THE WAY WAY BACK on Carl’s suggestion. It’s very funny. The audience laughed out loud time and again. The waterpark manager Owen (played by Sam Rockwell) is a knock off of Bill Murray in MEATBALLS. In this case . . . . Continue Reading »

Surveillance Technologies and Bible Prophecy

In today’s column , Richard J. Mouw comments on recent remarks by prominent pastor Pat Robertson: Regarding the Snowden revelations about government surveillance, Robertson observed that these practices were setting the stage for the “End Times.” We seem to be approaching an epoch . . . . Continue Reading »

Streaming the Ancient Faith

In this morning’s  On the Square , Wesley J. Smith testifies to his Orthodox Christianity: The Orthodox Catholic Church—as it is formally called—is the  second largest in the world  with about 300 million members. And while we remain almost microscopic in the United . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 7.26.13

As Wise as Pigeons Anthony Esolen, Crisis At St. Catherine’s Amid Egyptian Unrest Ladan Cher, Time “The Mystery of Life” Makes Law a Mystery William Haun, Public Discourse Church of England vs. Payday Lenders Katrina Bishop, CNBC The Root of Evil William T. Cavanaugh, America . . . . Continue Reading »

Reading Plato with Huma Abedin

Today there is an NRO piece by Kay Hymowitz about the regard many have for Huma Abedin.  A few bits: Huma has won the hearts of many in the commentariat, not least Tina Brown, who tweeted Wednesday: “I say Huma for mayor. She has all the qualities he doesn’t.”  . . . .Even . . . . Continue Reading »



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