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First Links — 7.24.13

The Mainline Reconsidered Jennifer Schuesser, New York Times America Remains Religious William McKenzie, Weekly Standard The Glory of the Commons Timothy Noah, Washington Monthly Tolkein v. Orwell on Surveillance David Rosen and Aaron Santesso, Slate The Golden Days of Farrar, Straus & Giroux . . . . Continue Reading »

Edward Feser and His Fine Blog

CJ’s comment below led me to Edward Feser’s fine philosophy-centered blog . I’ve read things by Feser in passing, heard his name spoken of with respect, but never really registered his overall excellence. (No, the recent Hart-Feser dispute in FT about natural law did not kindle my . . . . Continue Reading »

Creeping (and Often Creepy) Libertarianism

Thanks to Carl and Pete for some very thoughtful posts on LIBERTARIANISM. While I don’t care about Will Wilkinson as such, I will agree with Pete that he is representative of a trend among sophisticated young people: A kind of individualism that might be more evidence still of the victory of . . . . Continue Reading »

What Are the Best Popular Libertarian Books?

Reading’s Pete’s post below makes me think I need to learn more about libertarianism. I’m currently laying the groundwork for a book on American liberty, in which I argue there are five fundamental conceptions of it, one of which is the “economic individualist” liberty . . . . Continue Reading »

Against Flameless Candles

In his column , Kevin M. Clarke explains why he believes wax-and-wick candles matter for worship. In the ecclesial space, the ersatz glow beneath a sacred image feels more like a nod to sentimentality than a creation of an authentic prayer space. It is a spiritual turn-off. I light a candle because . . . . Continue Reading »

Where’s the Sin?

In today’s  On the Square , Nathaniel Peters examines the recent papal encyclical: ” Lumen Fidei  discusses faith as it relates to Scripture, salvation, reason, theology, the Sacraments, and society, all without much explicit mention of sin.” Yet Pope Francis does . . . . Continue Reading »



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