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Humanae Vitae at 45

Today, July 25, marks the 45th anniversary of the promulgation of Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI. As many in the Catholic world had been expecting the Church to permit contraception under certain circumstances thanks to many perhaps well-meaning but shortsighted clergy and theologians, the . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 7.25.13

Islam’s Medieval Underworld Smithsonian You Can’t Have Jesus Without the Christ Anthony Sacramone, Strange Herring John Newton’s Amazing Grace Carl Cannon, RealClearReligion “Libertarian Populism” Should Look to Anthropology James Poulos, Forbes Of Mormonish and . . . . Continue Reading »

An Ancient Mystery

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”500”] Mosaic in S. Costanza, Rome [/caption] Here’s a puzzle. The mosaic in this photo is in Rome’s Santa Costanza, a lovely fourth-century church with some of the oldest surviving Christian art. The . . . . Continue Reading »

Fifty Shades of Nothing

In his  On the Square   this morning, Edward Feser tackles the questions of nothingness as they emerge in contemporary philosophy and theoretical physics: John Leslie and Robert Lawrence Kuhn have published  The Mystery of Existence: Why Is There Anything At All? , a very useful . . . . Continue Reading »

Is It Wrong to Say “Unborn Child”?

Are pro-lifers wrong to speak of the “unborn child”? A reader annoyed with Ramesh Ponnuru’s use of the phrase wrote him, saying, “There is no child until birth. Late in pregnancy the fetus may have some moral status but it is still not a child.” Ramesh replied: “Merriam-Webster’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Hey Ladies, Try Some Self-Commodification!

A couple of weeks ago, I boarded a New Jersey Transit train near my home to go to Newark airport. From my seat near the rear of the car, I saw a poster with a photograph of five pretty young women of various ethnic and racial backgrounds, all smiling and laughing. Above the photo the poster read, . . . . Continue Reading »



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