Celibacy is Not the Gospel

Is celibacy “good news” for gay Christians? That’s the way the question is often asked, and very poignantly, too (for instance, in the recent posts by Stephen Long at his blog Sacred Tension and also by Rowan Williams : “In what sense does the Church actually proclaim good news . . . . Continue Reading »

Two Quotes from C. S. Lewis on Homosexuality

Over at Spiritual Friendship, I have posted two excerpts from C. S. Lewis on how Christians should respond to homosexuality. Rather than repost both in their entirety here, here are links: C. S. Lewis on Homosexuality & Disgust  In the first excerpt, taken from  Surprised by Joy , . . . . Continue Reading »

Am I a Straussian Copperhead?

First off, you have to admit this is the greatest blog in THE WHOLE WORLD. I wish I had the time and was at the pay grade required to say something about Carl’s musical posts. And I have to say I don’t know what the heck to do about Egypt or the Republican party. Pete is on top of the . . . . Continue Reading »

Piano Jazz Flowers for Marian McPartland

The best show on NPR was Marian McPartland’s “Piano Jazz.” I don’t think I was ever sorry for having it on in the background, or ever sorry when I got drawn in to listen more closely.  You could usually learn to appreciate something about the more aggressively modernistic . . . . Continue Reading »

Spengler on the New New World Order

In “A World Learning to Manage without the U.S.,” he argues there is an emerging Russia-Saudi-Chinese axis. (All three have reasons to hate the Muslim Brotherhood, for one.) A grimly fun piece in which Mr. Goldman understandably touts how many times he’s been right on foreign . . . . Continue Reading »

Joseph Bottum, Weary and Wearisome

Joseph Bottum, once the editor of this magazine, has unburdened himself of a change of mind on the subject of same-sex marriage, in Commonweal (and thereby earned himself also a grateful, and perfectly timed,  pilgrimage by a New York Times writer to his home in South Dakota). Others who . . . . Continue Reading »

Straussians in the NYT

Well, that’s always news. Steven Smith, the reviewer, puts himself in the middle—between the extremes of Harry Jaffa and Laurence Lampert. The two extremists, in Steven’s view, are dogmatic, taking liberties with what Strauss actually said in the service of their projects. . . . . Continue Reading »