Strings Attached

This week, President Obama unveiled a new plan designed to make college more affordable . The plan will tie federal financial aid to college performance based a new rating system: President Obama is directing the Department of Education to develop and publish a new college ratings system that would . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 8.23.13

Is Secularism Unprincipled? Ian Pollock, Berfrois A New Fair Copy of Wordsworth Christie Arno, Times Literary Supplement The Stupid Party Frank Furedi, Spiked In Defense of “Like” Paula Marantz Cohen, American Scholar A Trust for Gonzaga’s Catholic Identity Catherine Harmon, . . . . Continue Reading »

Bob Filner for NRC Chairman

Word has it that San Diego Democrats have finally gathered up enough moral spine from among their thousands of officials and functionaries to pressure Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego and Honorary Emperor-for-Life of Harassamentstan, into resigning from the first of those posts. But lest such a . . . . Continue Reading »

Pro-Work, Pro-Working-Class

In today’s On the Square , Pete Spiliakos returns to discuss immigration and the working class: As individual foreign-born low-skill workers attain US citizenship, gain access to the American welfare state, and build social networks, we should expect the labor markets of those particular . . . . Continue Reading »

Martin Chuzzlewit: Worst Book Ever Written?

If you’re following the discussion of “favorite Dickens books,” currently there is no clear winner. By my count we have a five-way tie between Barnaby Rudge, Bleak House, David Copperfield, The Pickwick Papers, and Tale of Two Cities . (I am subtracting any negative votes from the . . . . Continue Reading »