On Loving the City

A  post  yesterday by my St. John’s colleague Marc DeGirolami about Augustine’s two cities—the earthly and heavenly—reminded me of something I read in  Peter Brown’s recent book  on wealth in ancient Rome. Brown argues that a decisive shift in the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Youth Is Starting to Change

In today’s On the Square , Glenn T. Stanton wants to talk about The Youth—or, rather, the misrepresentation of the youth by others: Popular doom and gloom media reports also do not make a distinction between young people leaving the church and young people simply converting to other . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 9.20.13

Roger Scruton’s Church Brian Miller, Juicy Ecumenism The Vanity of American Exceptionalism Richard Gamble, Reason Typical American Family Makes Less Now Than in 1989 Neil Irwin, Wonkblog Perseverance Pays Off for Yankees’ Pitcher Trent Beattie, National Catholic Register Frog’s . . . . Continue Reading »


So one of the most annoying features (one to which I contributed) of the Strauss-Kojeve panels was this constant comment: I’m not going to address the difficult question of to what extent and in what ways Kojeve agrees and disagrees with the actual Hegel. Although Strauss himself was big on . . . . Continue Reading »

Mark Noll Got It Wrong, Maybe

Mark Noll went with the flow and got it wrong, says Dale Coulter. Writing on Renewal Dynamics , the weblog of the faculty of Regent University Divinity School, he describes the development of the idea that middle American Christians were anti-intellectual, beginning with Richard Hofstadter’s . . . . Continue Reading »