First Links — 10.29.13

Dog’s Best Friend Diana Schaub, New Atlantis After the American Century Andrew J. Bacevich, University Bookman Don’t Address Islamic Women from Western Feminist Categories Tariq Ramadan, ABC Religion & Ethics Revival and the Anglican Way George Conger, Anglican Ink Francis Spufford, . . . . Continue Reading »

Blog Roundup: The Devil Went Down to Francis

Happy Monday again! I spent much of my weekend walking in a giant circle, so probably nobody had a more exciting weekend than I did. At Postmodern Conservative , Carl Scott mourns the death of Lou Reed, Pete Spiliakos calls for the Republican John Podesta, and Kate Pitrone wonders about political . . . . Continue Reading »

Protesting Too Much

At National Review Online over the weekend, the familiar-to- First Things -readers George Weigel published a talk he gave recently in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in the course of which he argued: The argument today isn’t about assimilation. The argument today is about who “gets” America: . . . . Continue Reading »

Friendship After Christ

Andrew Sullivan points to an unenthusiastic review by Stuart Kelly of A. C. Grayling’s new book on friendship , which just arrived in my mailbox and which I’m looking forward to perusing. In particular, Sullivan highlights Kelly’s criticism that Grayling doesn’t give enough . . . . Continue Reading »

Scientists Prove Existence of God

“Computer Scientists ‘Prove’ God Exists.” That’s the headline of an article from  last week on  Spiegel Online . The scientists who came up with the idea admit that they were just trying to grab some headlines for their work. According to  Spiegel : In . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.28.13

Roman Diary Randy Boyagoda, Financial Times Don’t Call It a Pullback Russell Moore, Moore to the Point William James, Joel Osteen, and the Gray Lady Leon Wieseltier, New Republic A Catholic Glimpse of Rav Soloveitchik Christian M. Rutishauser, Seforim Hegel: The Protestant Aquinas? Howard . . . . Continue Reading »

A Vegetarian Sign of Contradiction

“You’re not becoming a vegetarian, are you?” said a friend who was actually scowling at me, when I ordered a salad at lunch. I wasn’t, as it happened, but only eating lightly because we were going to a banquet in the evening and I wanted to take full advantage of the free . . . . Continue Reading »

Defining Bigotry Down

At a blog called Above the Law, which presents itself as a site for serious news and commentary on legal affairs,  blogger Joe Patrice opines that Trinity Western University in British Columbia should not have its new law school accredited by the powers that be in Canada who are responsible . . . . Continue Reading »

More on Multiple Partner Unions

I’m grateful to Rob Vischer for his post, following up on mine, about polyamory. Its premise is one that is strongly, and often angrily, rejected by poly activists and by my own polyamorist friends, namely, that polyamory involves or reflects a lack of self-discipline or the rejection of . . . . Continue Reading »