More Animal Rights Threats of Violence

I am quoted in this story about the continuing threat among the most radical animal rights/liberationists to engage in violence in the name of saving the animals. From the story: Radical animal rights activists will likely use “any means necessary” to stop what they consider the torture . . . . Continue Reading »

Thoughts on the Dog Fighting Scandal

The brutes—meaning the people—involved in the dog fighting scandal should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and they should be shunned socially. Not only is the “sport” beyond cruel, but it involves training dogs to fight for purposes and in ways never seen in . . . . Continue Reading »

Postmodernism Comes to Death Itself

In postmodernism, facts don’t matter as much as desired narratives, and now this view is being proposed as a way to define death itself—which would permit people to choose ahead of time when they were to be considered to have, as the Bard had it, shuffled off this mortal coil.This is not . . . . Continue Reading »

Subscription Now Available

I have been asked to add a subscription capability to the site, and so I have—I think. I am pretty techno-maladroit, so I would appreciate hearing whether I properly installed the function. Thanks to all who support Secondhand . . . . Continue Reading »

Anti-Humanism Gaining Traction

Here we go again. Newsweek reports—in surprisingly positive terms—on the movement to rid the earth of the vermin species—us:Environmentalists have their own eschatology—a vision of a world not consumed by holy fire but returned to ecological balance by the removal of the most . . . . Continue Reading »

Will Saletan Hits a Home Run

I am a big fan of Slate’s Will Saletan. He is a wonderful writer, he has a way of looking evenly at all sides of biotech issues, and even if I don’t always (usually) agree with him, he is always well worth reading and pondering. Saletan scores in his newest column, about attending a . . . . Continue Reading »

Kass v. Pinker at the Intellectual OK Corral

This exchange between Leon Kass and Stephen Pinker in Commentary is superb, and I must say, Kass wins the exchange hands down. (Full disclosure: I am an enthusiastic Kassophile. I consider him to be, perhaps, our most wise and profound public intellectual.)The exchange was sparked by an article Kass . . . . Continue Reading »