Or Animal Research and Adult Stem Cells

Experiments on zebra fish have produced a promising adult stem cell technique that could restore vision to the sightless. From the story:British researchers said on Wednesday they had successfully grown in the laboratory a type of adult stem cell found in the eyes of both fish and mammals that . . . . Continue Reading »

The Power of the Mind

This is interesting: The mask of Charlie Chaplain has a nose that sticks out on the outside. The same nose is concave on the inside. But because our brains know that noses stick out, not in, it refuses to “see” the nose correctly. The power of the human mind to overrule the impulses of . . . . Continue Reading »

Clueless Bioethicists at JAMA

Sometimes I think that to some bioethicists, it’s all a mind game. The latest example is an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are on a hunger strike, and the authors are upset because army doctors are helping to force feed them. . . . . Continue Reading »

Handprints on a Wall

This is true compassion: The George Mark Children’s House of San Leandro, California (SF Bay Area), is the first freestanding hospice and respite center for children in the country (as hard as that is to believe). This new approach to pediatric end-of-life care has expanded the approaches to . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Vegetarians Eating Meat Again

This story doesn’t surprise me. Human beings are omnivores biologically. That means eating meat is natural for us—and healthy when consumed in moderation. This is why vegetarianism requires discipline. (In this regard, I recall a statement by a very well known animal liberationist, who . . . . Continue Reading »

Killed For Organs?

One of the greatest fears among the general public about transplant medicine is that the sickest patients will not be viewed as people so much as organ farms, and indeed, that patients may be euthanized in order to gain access to their organs. Now, a San Francisco transplant surgeon is charged with . . . . Continue Reading »

Scientists Create Schizophrenic Mice

Here’s another reason why we need animal research: Scientists have created mice with schizophrenia, which they can then test and study as they seek to learn about the disease and find effective treatments. Sometimes you just need a living organism—some of which will need to be dissected . . . . Continue Reading »