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eBaywatch: Guardian Angels

Tuesday we celebrated the Holy Archangels; today it’s our invisible guardians whom we feast. Herewith, some stuff: Okay. If you were going to buy wings for the Christmas pageant, you could go ahead and get them today. Not great art or theology or anything, but little kids like dressing up, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Therefore They Took a Key and Opened Them

Jesus and Mary key covers:I was going to say: Because Christians have keys, too. But, Sally, these are from Urban Outfitters, which suggests something—though I’m not quite sure what.Urban Outfitters is sort of Yuppie Hipsterdom, right? Like Pottery Barn: a chain store of hip stuff for the . . . . Continue Reading »

More eBaywatch!

Jesus Temporary Tattoo. Bidding ends in 13 days, which is longer than He will last on your bicep. You’ll want this to go with the tattoo, and this to complete the effect. Or, if you’re more inclined towards the crypto-profound, this t-shirt might appeal to you instead. Now, this thing . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch: Uptown Saturday Night

Whoo. Let’s see what we’ve got going on tonight. Oh, oh, oh. Check it out. Easter’s over, baby, but you can beat the rush. I know about being forgiven, but won’t wearing a t-shirt that says so make people want to ask you what you did? In my town it would. “Whu’d . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s a Slow Day Around Here

So why don’t we talk about lanyards? Here, to my left, are some.Yep, lanyards. That’s what those are.Lanyards.Yep. Oh. I see some more over there.Those are lanyards, too.I think they say the same thing the others do, only the letters are closer together. And these don’t seem to . . . . Continue Reading »

Were You There?

No no no, not the hymn. I’m talking about, were you there. Nelson Memorial United Methodist Church. The Junior-High Sunday School Retreat. Panacea Falls State Park. Last weekend in April, 1978. Where they had the drowned mouse in the shower drain? And we had to do square-dancing on Saturday . . . . Continue Reading »

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