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Briefly Noted

Theonomy: A Reformed Critique edited by William S. Barker and W. Robert Godfrey Zondervan, 413 pages, $15.95  Certainly one of the more interesting religious stories of recent years has been the attraction of growing numbers of evangelical Christians to a variation of Reformed . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted

The Edges of Science: Crossing the Boundary from Physics to Metaphysics by Richard Morris Prentice Hall, 244 pages, $18.95  What was happening, if anything, before there was time? And what does “before” mean in that sentence? Are physicists and cosmologists on the edge of . . . . Continue Reading »

Alasdair MacIntyre's University

Three Rival Versions of Moral Inquiry by Alasdair MacIntyre University of Notre Dame Press, 241 pages, $24.95 Over the course of the last five years or so the quality of philosophical inquiry into both ethical and religious matters has increased significantly. Martha Nussbaum’s The . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted

Edmund Burke: Appraisals and Applicationsedited by daniel ritchietransaction books, 291 pages, $29.95 An excellent collection of essays on a political philosopher of timeless value and enduring interest. Burke, the prototype and progenitor of modern conservatism, is considered from various . . . . Continue Reading »

Being Modern

Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity by charles taylor harvard university press, 601 pages, $29.95  To describe Sources of the Self as a learned book would be a little like describing Michael Jordan as a skilled basketball player: accurate, but hardly adequate to the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Transcendent in the Mundane

Ordinary Time by a. g. mojtabai doubleday, 223 pages, $17.95 A.G. Mojtabai’s nonfiction work, Blessed Assurance, won the 1986 Lillian Smith Award for the best book about the American South. Now, in her fifth novel, Ordinary Time, in prose as clean and spare as the landscape which is its setting, . . . . Continue Reading »

Religion and Science

The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History edited and translated with an introduction and notes by maurice a. finocchiaro university of california press, 382 pages, $50 cloth, $12.95  The Galileo affair lasted twenty years. It began pleasantly, almost innocently, in December 1613 in Florence at . . . . Continue Reading »

Asking the Wrong Question

Prophetic Visions and Economic Realities: Protestants, Jews, & Catholics Confront the Bishops’ Letter on the Economyedited by charles straineerdmans, 257 pages, $13.95  Based upon its subtitle, one could imagine any of several different tacks this book might have taken. Editor Charles R. . . . . Continue Reading »

Fixing America

Straight Shooting: What's Wrong with America and How to Fix Itby john silberharper and row, 336 pages, $22.50 This book's seemingly presumptuous subtitle prepared me not to like it. That predisposition was quickly set aside, as was the presumption of presumption. This is a very good book, well worth . . . . Continue Reading »

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