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We Rate a Mention

On Powerline, Steve Hayward mentions Postmodern Conservative as a “Blog to Log”. The other blogs to log are interesting and worth looking at.  Hey, Carl!  Hayward notes , too. . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s Ryan!

Of course, I am happy about it and hope that Pete’s warnings are not spot-on for a change, or else that whatever Paul Ryan’s flaws are, they are outweighed by his positive aspects.  Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard had a nice laudatory article about him recently , but we will . . . . Continue Reading »

Today’s VP-pick Commentary

The WSJ heads an editorial this morning with “Why Not Paul Ryan?Romney can win a big election over big issues. He’ll lose a small one.” Too risky, goes the Beltway chorus. His selection would make Medicare and the House budget the issue, not the economy. The 42-year-old is too . . . . Continue Reading »

Pete Spiliakos’ Birthday

How do I know?  Facebook told me.  This is my opportunity to pay a little tribute to my fellow blogger.  Below, Pete writes a post that he begins with “I don’t have the mental energy . . . ” and then he proceeds to prove that even when he doesn’t have his . . . . Continue Reading »

Iowa and Mercury, MN

1. Pete is turning out to be the best predictor of “caucus dynamics” ever, and without even a statistical model. Santorum, incredibly to me, is having his moment. He certainly had a confident and eloquent day, and the media is laying off his social conservatism, at least a bit, to . . . . Continue Reading »

Alphabet City

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Norman Podhoretz emerged from semi-retirement to express his approval for Sarah Palin . No, I don’t propose to revisit the Sarah, pro- and con- debate, which will remain sterile and tedious until she actually, like, runs for something (or not). But I . . . . Continue Reading »

Open Question About Scott Brown

Quick and easy political symbolism is as American as election season itself, so obviously the aspect of Scott Brown’s massively significant win in Massachusetts most in need of dissecting analysis is his truck. The reflex appears to be one of mocking wealthy Republicans for continuing ( . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Limits of Professional Expertise

Matt Feeney has a great, tart post on Tiger Woods, which I nonetheless want to take in another direction. For Matt, the prevailing sentiment unleashed over the last few weeks is not, in the most immediate sense, some reflex of racial loathing that we white people have been holding in store in . . . . Continue Reading »

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