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Premonitions of Populism

George Will on Michele Bachmann: Looking toward 2012, she is not drawn merely to Sarah Palin or other darlings of social conservatives. She certainly is one of those, but she knows that economic hardship and government elephantiasis now trump other issues. Indeed, but what’s really of . . . . Continue Reading »

Is Loyalty a Virtue?

Perhaps I was raised in an overly-Confucian manner, but Conor Friedersdorf’s latest sets my head a-buzzing with questions and my stomach a-churning with unease. Of course, insofar as an administration must work as a team toward common ends, its employees should be loyal so long as they are . . . . Continue Reading »

Glenn Beck Is Not a Pomocon

Rod tells me that Nate Silver, who gained fame as the best, most readable electoral statistician around, has made a mistake . And so he has: Beck is a PoMoCon — a post-modern conservative. And his philosophy is not all that difficult to articulate. It borrows a couple of things from . . . . Continue Reading »

Irving Kristol

Here’s Steven Menashi in Forbes on IK as moral critic. Here’s David Brooks giving IK three full cheers. Here’s me locating IK mostly in the American mainstream — today, even! — with Mark Schmitt in the opposite corner at Bloggingheads. I say a little more about . . . . Continue Reading »

Olde Tyme Hardcore

So the fall semester is finally in sufficient order that I can return to blogging. I don’t imagine that I was particularly missed. But I’ll proceed on the assumption that at least some readers liked to alternate their reflections on the very serious matters we usually discuss with one . . . . Continue Reading »

Con vs. Pomocon

My name has appeared on the masthead now for almost two months, but i have hesitated to pen an inaugural entry, especially since, unlike some of the others in the group, i have no full-fledged manifesto to announce. And — as these things go — the longer one waits, the more difficult it . . . . Continue Reading »

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