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Which Conservatism?

A Case for Conservatism.By John Kekes.Cornell University Press.  239 pp. $29.95. In his important 1997 book Against Liberalism, the moral philosopher John Kekes exposed the staggering incoherence of contemporary Anglo-American liberal theory––the dominant form of political and moral . . . . Continue Reading »

Was Burke a Conservative?

The Great Melody: A Thematic Biography and Commented Anthology of Edmund Burke by conor cruise o’brien university of chicago press, 602 pages, $34.95 At the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and 11th Street in Washington, D.C., a wandering tourist will find himself standing beneath the gaze of a . . . . Continue Reading »

Beyond Liberty

We are nearly two years into the post-Cold War era—an era as yet without a name—and we have awakened to the sobering reality that democracy is easier to desire than it is to sustain. The painful experiences of nations as disparate as Czechoslovakia, Nicaragua, South Africa, and the . . . . Continue Reading »

When Nice People Do Bad Theology

Sure, Walker Percy already said it, but that was as a good-natured joshing, a passing joke. Now it's hit the pages of the Wall Street Journal; everybody's in on it. The November 29, 1990 Journal reports a national survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin's Center of . . . . Continue Reading »

Back to Fundamentals

This volume, containing sixteen essays (including the useful introduction by editor Norman Cohen), constitutes a valuable reference source on American Protestant and other forms of religious “fundamentalism.” There is a little something here for everyone. The essays, for one thing, range from . . . . Continue Reading »

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