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eBaywatch: Uptown Saturday Night

Whoo. Let’s see what we’ve got going on tonight. Oh, oh, oh. Check it out. Easter’s over, baby, but you can beat the rush. I know about being forgiven, but won’t wearing a t-shirt that says so make people want to ask you what you did? In my town it would. “Whu’d . . . . Continue Reading »

A Saturday Miscellany: UPDATED

In Search Of: 1. Some news that isn’t about Michael Jackson. I’m grateful, though, to The Anchoress for explaining the difference between an icon and an idol; I was going to write about the difference between an icon and a curiosity, with reference to Michael Jackson, but now I kind of . . . . Continue Reading »

Surveying More Cruciform Objects

Once years ago I was talking with the chaplain of our local university’s Episcopal Campus Ministry who had, for reasons I can’t now remember, invited me to lunch. She was new on the job, new in town, and new to me; in the course of the hour we spent together, I learned quite a lot about . . . . Continue Reading »

Lift High the Cruciform Object

I was looking for a crucifix to hang on the wall above my desk. It never occurred to me that this would be a difficult thing to find.Now, honestly. I can’t decide what I think is stranger: the head of Christ growing out of the bark like some kind of miracle knothole apparation; the Crucifixion . . . . Continue Reading »

Not For Sale

Okay, Anthony, I give up. What is Kris Kristofferson doing in his pajamas on a church wall in — there’s a place in England called “Uckfield?” Barking I’ve heard of. Dorking I’ve heard of. Duck End I’ve been to. Ditto Wenhaxon and Onehouse. But never . . . . Continue Reading »

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