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What We Lost

The COVID-induced isolation—and worse—permeating our “senior living facilities” is a haunting reminder that, as a society, we lost something precious by migrating away from multi-generational living. Continue Reading »


Magdalena loves potatoes. Doesn’t matter what kind. Red, yellow, Idaho, Irish, boiled, baked, or mashed. French-fried is best, but she’ll eat potatoes any way you make them and any way you dress them up. Magdalena loves potatoes so much she’ll even eat them with the skins on. Not every kid can . . . . Continue Reading »

What Else to Expect When You’re Expecting

Last Christmas our parish hall displayed a Nativity painting by a local artist, showing a dark-haired woman in a wheelchair holding an infant, with a man in hospital scrubs standing solicitously behind them. The scene was instantly recognizable to anyone who has had a baby in this country in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Getting Rid of the Vegetables

The other day, I cleaned out the vegetable bin in my refrigerator. Some leaves of the head lettuce had browned, an old zucchini was wrinkled with age, and a forgotten tomato was shrunken. I had little regret, for I was replacing the space with some fresh sweet corn and a nicely formed Holland . . . . Continue Reading »

I Want To Burden My Loved Ones

Recently I was a speaker and panel member at a small educational workshop on “advance directives” sponsored by the ethics committee of our local hospital. The workshop was an opportunity to provide information about, and discuss the relative merits of, living wills and durable powers of attorney . . . . Continue Reading »

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