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Friendship in Truth

I have had many friends in the course of my life, but only since growing older have I given much thought to the nature of friendship. I have amassed a collection of quotations on this theme that have impressed me deeply. The English essayist William ­Hazlitt: “He will never have true friends who . . . . Continue Reading »

Brief Friends

The sight of old men huddled around outdoor tables, drinking coffee with one another, is familiar. In Italy, Turkey, Tunis, Buenos Aires, even fading parts of New York City—what are they talking about, in crumpled jackets and faded caps? Mostly, according to my limited eavesdropping (and . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Changed Same

In whitest skeletons the shadows of daydusk dim and, mantle-like, settle and layupon bristling grass and sleeping hay. To become is to come from the camethrough old existence into some changed same.The shadows, in covering, assert twilight’s change. And the seed in the grass, as well as its . . . . Continue Reading »

After Kavanaugh?

In the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, the New York Times published an opinion essay that was strangely crude and sophisticated at the same time: “White Women, Come Get Your People.” On the surface it runs on raw invective. The author, Alexis . . . . Continue Reading »

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