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If You Say So

Okay, so, I’m thinking Dante —Dude, I know he’s a poet. No, I don’t really know what they do, either. Wait, wait, he’s a poet, but he’s, like, a poet . . . warrior. With a sword. You know, “The sword is mightier than the pen.” Whatever. Anyway, so he . . . . Continue Reading »


It’s “a hybrid of Monopoly, Risk and Clue—with a bit of theological Chutes-and-Ladders thrown in for good measure,” says one player. According to The Tablet,During the course of their careers, players “Take a Stand” on weighty theological and moral issues, . . . . Continue Reading »

At the Taj Mahal In Atlantic City

As I was splitting a pair of queens to double my sawbuck bet, someone said “He’s here,” and here he was—four bodyguards to part the waves, a blonde bimbo on each arm with whom to swim. I swiveled in my chair to greet him, held out my hand—brushed back by one of his goons. . . . . Continue Reading »

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