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Happy New Year

Happy new year and here is why we have had ever happier new years in the lifetimes of anyone alive today.  Regardless of the politics of nations, or the decline of social standards, or anything else we might deplore or fear, the living standards of people all over the world improve.  . . . . Continue Reading »

Our Debt to the Future Generation

Carl Scott writes about the WSJ Weekend Interview with Stanley Druckenmiller, ” in ” Pay No Attention to that Baby-Boomer behind the Curtain !”  I was going to write about that piece in simpler terms.   Redistribution does not really go from rich to poor, but from . . . . Continue Reading »

Detroit Regrets

Someone recently told me that he was going to Detroit.  I felt sorry for him, knowing that last trips to Detroit, driving form the Cleveland area, had been through areas that looked as devastated as anything seen in post WWII photos.  I had not read of improvement, in fact of . . . . Continue Reading »

As Marriage Multiplies in Meaning

I bumped into this piece, ” Polygamists Celebrate Supreme Court’s Marriage Rulings ” and thought, well, of course they do.  Anything goes now.  Who is to judge?  Marriage means what we want it to mean.  What we could discuss, since the morality argument is . . . . Continue Reading »

Maybe Not Flat Tax, but Anything Else?

Here is my argument with Pete this morning. The current progressive tax system is based in a class-envy model of taxation.  But we have lived with that for a long time.  It has fueled ever bigger government, but we have lived with that for a long time.  Our income tax system is . . . . Continue Reading »

The Power of the IRS

The political use of the IRS is one of our scandals of the week.  It has actually been scandal for some time, since 2010, and people I know in suspect organizations who have had the (threatening) investigative letters say that began shortly after the president was inaugurated.  The 1883 . . . . Continue Reading »

Forming a New Republican Anti-Poverty Message

Arthur Brooks argues that conservatives have Faulty Moral Arithmetic . He is complaining about Republicans and conservatives, though perhaps more about the perception about Republicans and conservatives than about their essence. There have been many reports and studies over the years about the . . . . Continue Reading »

If You Cannot Believe the President …

The biggest story this weekend concerning the nation’s financial condition and especially the sequester is the prevarication of the president. The other day the president made a speech wherein he bashed the Republicans for creating the frightening situation of the sequester. The government . . . . Continue Reading »

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