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Return of the Living Dead Economy IV

I am super delighted to see Reihan joining me in the use of ‘econopocalypse’ lingo, but super distressed to see that he is choosing to do so because he increasingly believes we are really destined for an economic apocalypse. Fortunately, the apocalypse has already happened. You . . . . Continue Reading »

The Limits of Economic Man

An admittedly weird vision struck me yesterday. But it’s lingered through to this morning, so consider : The US recession has opened up the biggest gap between male and female unemployment rates since records began in 1948, as men bear the brunt of the economy’s contraction. [ . . . ] . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Energy and Optimism

As many friends of Pomocon have observed, the cult of optimism involves some pretty serious pathologies and distorting effects on individual and social life. But one way of thinking about optimism begins with the suggestion that the optimist’s basic concern is with energy. We will, says the . . . . Continue Reading »

Heating Up

This one will stir up a hornet’s nest . . . .  The words “global warming” may have achieved Pavlovian status.  Like the ringing of the bell that accompanied the Alpo fed to Pavlov’s dogs, the words foster an immediate and instinctive response by adherents of our . . . . Continue Reading »

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