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It's Not All In Your Head

Emma Eckstein was a bleeder: She liked to bleed. She wanted to empty herself out into the world. She was sick and dying, because that was what she desired. This isn’t my interpretation; it’s the analysis offered by her doctor, one Sigmund Freud. Emma was one of Freud’s first patients, but she . . . . Continue Reading »

Liberalism's Future

When it comes to equality, the rising generation of liberal leaders may talk the talk, but they’re unlikely to walk the walk. At least that’s what a new study recently published in Science suggests. Elite opinion among a younger, left-leaning cohort favors economic efficiency over equality, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Waiting for Superwoman

Carly Fiorina's fierce and passionate attack on Planned Parenthood's fetal organ harvesting operation has gotten praise from conservatives and bitter attacks from liberals. In the process, it has demonstrated all too well conservatism's weak position in popular culture. Given present circumstances, . . . . Continue Reading »

Does Ted Cruz Have A Second Act?

Ross Douthat shrewdly notes the differences between Ted Cruz and guys like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Rubio is trying to move the Republican position on immigration in the direction of amnesty-first + expanded low-skill immigration. Rand Paul has developed an articulate, . . . . Continue Reading »

My God, I’m Becoming Like Richard Nixon!

Because I really, really like this latest Ross Douthat column skewering Ivy League monopolism/elitism . His excuse for commenting comes from the silly dust-up over the Susan Patton letter advising young Princeton women to take their dating possibilities for finding a good husband during their four . . . . Continue Reading »

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