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Beto's Woke Integralism

Magisterial progressivism requires an integralist state to entrench its teachings, and Beto’s bid for the power to compel obedience and destroy through the tax system is the obvious stick to reach for. Continue Reading »


PIO’S NO-NO? My Jewish children are proud Americans born and raised in New York. When they were young, they learned a game from older children that they played and taught to younger children. It is a form of tag in which the person who is “it” yells a catchphrase, and everyone on “base” . . . . Continue Reading »

The Right Tax to Support Education

The Obama administration dropped its call for taxes on 529 college savings plans. These are tax-preferred savings vehicles that allow families to put away money to pay for Junior’s college expenses when the time comes. The outcry against this proposal was not surprising, and it makes no sense to undermine the program. Continue Reading »

As Marriage Multiplies in Meaning

I bumped into this piece, ” Polygamists Celebrate Supreme Court’s Marriage Rulings ” and thought, well, of course they do.  Anything goes now.  Who is to judge?  Marriage means what we want it to mean.  What we could discuss, since the morality argument is . . . . Continue Reading »

More Argument on the Tax Question

Under my argument with Pete’s argument , there were some interesting suggestions that ought to be more public.  Pete, Peter Lawler and I carried on the discussion here, but I would like to publicly note some fine arguments by our readers. From Art Deco: The problem, as always, is . . . . Continue Reading »

Maybe Not Flat Tax, but Anything Else?

Here is my argument with Pete this morning. The current progressive tax system is based in a class-envy model of taxation.  But we have lived with that for a long time.  It has fueled ever bigger government, but we have lived with that for a long time.  Our income tax system is . . . . Continue Reading »

Repealing Economic Law

While I was reading Peter Lawler’s post on The Fat Tax , I was reminded of a conversation with one of my sons about the amazing abundance and prosperity in America.  Even in an economy that we perceive as shrinking or receding or depressed, we live better than kings did, and even the . . . . Continue Reading »

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