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Tombs of the Apostles

As Matthew Arnold feared, the “Sea of Faith” has retreated—but not evenly. While fashionable atheism, or nebulous spirituality, prevails among intellectuals, religiosity continues to abide among the vast majority of Americans. Dialogue between these two audiences is all too rare, as can be seen in a literary marketplace divided between maudlin dross like Heaven is for Real and vitriolic screeds like Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

The Way of the Cross . . .

. . . as a sort of baptized feng shui would get to me, too, after a while, I think. This cruciform decorating mania of Jody’s reminds me somehow of a day I spent in Little Walsingham years ago. This Norfolk village, as you may or may not recall, rejoices in the title of “England’s . . . . Continue Reading »

I-40 Days and I-40 Nights, Part II

Picking up where we left off.Smith County, Tennessee, where we stopped for gas and lunch, was the scene of some unplanned evangelizing on our part. That is, I don’t know that we evangelized anyone, exactly, so much as simply engaged in pleasant and informative conversation. Possibly the people . . . . Continue Reading »

I-40 Days and I-40 Nights, Part I

Some days ago, I promised you all an account of our adventures on the road between here and Memphis, and you know how I hate to keep people waiting. There is much that I could tell you about the state of Tennessee, admitted to the Union in 1796, a hundred years before Utah, for example, attained . . . . Continue Reading »

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