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Standing in the Cold

Winter is a bad time. Whether for a season or for a life, it dampens the self. Or so a recent writer claimed. “Mankind endured a long winter of the Dark Ages” for a thousand years, “repressing” the human spirit in a barren season that lasted centuries. The human individual, as fate would . . . . Continue Reading »

Prayer at Winter Solstice

Our contributor and next years' honoree for the Annual Poetry Reading, Dana Gioia, was just named California's Poet Laureate. Here's an illustration of why:Prayer at Winter SolsticeBlessed is the road that keeps us homeless. Blessed is the mountain that blocks our way.Blessed are hunger . . . . Continue Reading »

Christmas in New York

There was a woman screaming on Park Avenue, flecks of saliva spraying from her mouth as she raged into her cell phone, “It’s not my fault.” Over and over, like the high-pitched squeal of a power saw cutting bricks: It’s not my fault and a run of foul names, It’s not my fault and another . . . . Continue Reading »

When Lilacs Shake

Now, in April, when lilacs shake in gusts of rain, the crown-like buds Waving thick and green on sceptre tips, I ask myself: What have we been. We two curled tight in winter’s dark? And when lilacs fully unfurl themselves. Their heart-shaped leaves. Their fragrant . . . . Continue Reading »

Postcard to a Friend in Tuscany

Charlottesville, 9:00 A.M.For once, snow; its drapery everywhere Like the pure wool of midnight, The thoughtless swooning of a shawl.On the porch outside my window Six sparrows breakfast on seeds. Their world gone white, their life Suddenly monastic and severe.No wind; yet . . . . Continue Reading »

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