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Debates, Conferences, Controversy!

For the past few weeks, Michael Novak¯a member of the First Things editorial board and a frequent contributor to the magazine¯has been blogging at the Encyclopedia Britannica site about religion, America, and the Founding Fathers. On these topics, you’ll probably remember his April . . . . Continue Reading »

Men for Some Seasons

In early April, Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, announced his intention to bring immigration legislation to the Senate floor for debate during the last two weeks of May. This was a curious announcement, since there was no pending legislation at the time regarding immigration. Regardless of . . . . Continue Reading »

Moses and Multiculturalism

Moses made a mistake. He could have been a broadminded model for our liberal culture, but he ended up hopelessly partisan. He started out with an impartial outlook, but he fell under the power of a tribal deity who used him to create an exclusivist sect intoxicated with the fantasy of redemptive . . . . Continue Reading »

Art & Theology: A Shared Predicament

Recently there was a conference here at Princeton entitled "Retracing the Expanded Field." The theme was a reconsideration of an influential 1979 essay "Sculpture in the Expanded Field" in October ( October being, in this case, an influential left-leaning journal, not a month). . . . . Continue Reading »

America’s Greatest Mystery Writer

G.K. Chesterton’s Fr. Brown stories are proof that only the British style of detective fiction can reach to religion¯or so, at least, a friend recently claimed. W.H. Auden’s great essay on the Christian origins of the mystery story came into the argument somewhere, as I recall, . . . . Continue Reading »

The Auth Cartoon

Last Friday, the Philadelphia Inquirer published the Tony Auth cartoon below.Apparently referring to the fact that the five Supreme Court justices who voted last week in Gonzales v. Carhart to uphold the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 are all Catholics, Mr. Auth’s point seems to be . . . . Continue Reading »



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