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RJN: Stephen Harper Redux

A while back, I had some favorable things to say about Stephen Harper , the Conservative prime minister of Canada. This elicited howls of protest: “How could you! Harper is pro-abortion!” As it happens, Harper has challenged the Canadian political class on a number of . . . . Continue Reading »

RJN: I.F. Stone

In this Sunday’s New York Times , Paul Berman has a thoughtful review of two books , one about I.F. Stone and another that is a collection of Stone’s journalism. "Izzy" Stone, who died in 1989, is still a hero of the left¯an icon, as it is said. I.F. Stone’s Weekly . . . . Continue Reading »

RJN: Jihadism and Jihadists

I see the Tablet , a British Catholic magazine, has this article by Ian Markham (registration required) of Hartford Theological Seminary in which he claims that I have said there are 100 million radical Muslims (best described, as I explain in a forthcoming issue of First Things , as Jihadists) bent . . . . Continue Reading »

Powers: The Real Clinton Legacy

On the same day my husband applied for Social Security benefits, we watched the purple-faced Bill Clinton defending his record as terrorist hunter-in-chief in the infamous Fox-TV interview with Chris Wallace . All the obfuscations the former president brought to bear also brought to mind the . . . . Continue Reading »

Hylden: Hope for the Anglican Communion

For the first time in recent memory, Anglican conservatives have something to cheer about. Ever since the Episcopal Church’s general convention in June, things have been moving rapidly in the Anglican world, and this past week was no exception. There were not one but two events sure to shape . . . . Continue Reading »

George: Reply to Garnett

Mirror of Justice , a website for Catholic law professors, has been the forum for some exceptionally thoughtful debates about the implications of Catholic social thought for questions of law and public policy. One question that has been explored in a sustained way since the 2004 presidential . . . . Continue Reading »

Reno: Benedict XVI and Islam

Whether or not one agrees with the pope’s historical analysis of de-Hellenization, he is surely right about its profound and deleterious influence. It is plainly the case that most Western intellectuals view Christianity in the same way that Emperor Manuel II Paleologus viewed Islam¯as a . . . . Continue Reading »



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