Roethlisberger and the Rules

If you really want to have your sensibilities twisted up in a knot, try listening to sports talk radio when the topic of discussion is some player’s malfeasance. The current version of that particular play has to do with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s treatment of a . . . . Continue Reading »

Taking It to the Streets

Mark Chaves , professor of sociology at Duke University and director of the National Congregations Study, has this interesting chart detailing how broadly defined Christian groups engage politically. (Full disclosure: Mark and I went to high school together. In fact, I was briefly a really bad . . . . Continue Reading »

Tiny Poems, Straight and Strong

On Saturday, poet Samuel Menashe—who has a new poem in the April issue —gave a poetry reading at the 96th Street Library here in New York. Sean Curnyn recorded the event and offered his own reflection: It’s funny: Although one’s enjoyment of Menashe’s poems certainly can . . . . Continue Reading »

A Jewish Defense of a Catholic Preacher

Yesterday’s Jerusalem Pos t features an op-ed by Alon Goshen-Gottstei n that defends Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa’s Good Friday sermon last week at St. Peters in Rome. The sermon was in the news because Fr. Cantalamessa drew parallels between the recent media treatment of the pedophilia . . . . Continue Reading »

Suicide Tourism Tears Family Apart

Assisted suicide has tremendous power to rend family unity and sow distrust over motives. A recent suicide tourism case in the UK—in which a rich widow committed suicide, changing her will to benefit the son who helped—illustrates the danger. From the story:DETECTIVES are investigating . . . . Continue Reading »


And now, a bit of news I’m excited to share: I’ve signed on as Managing Editor at Ricochet, a new online political forum coming your way in a matter of weeks. Feast your pre-launch curiosity at Facebook and Twitter . There’ll be details to follow, of course. Meanwhile, life will . . . . Continue Reading »