A Theological Puzzle

Something to ponder, and this is from memory so I might get it a little wrong. But it’s been puzzling me.St. Gregory Palamas asserted that the fall of man was not an ontological change but an . . . . Continue Reading »

Attack Ads

If we must have attack ads in American politics, should they look like this? This is either the greatest thing ever done, or the worst. Both, maybe. A jaw-dropping production, but you have to love . . . . Continue Reading »

Crash Blossoms

Take a noun that can be misconstrued as a verb (or vice versa), mix it into an ambiguous headline, and you have yourself a recipe for a crash blossom : In their quest for concision, writers of . . . . Continue Reading »

HeLa’s Immortal Cells

Dwight Gardner reviews The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks , a new nonfiction book that explores the curious and disturbing intersection of race, poverty, bioethics, and medical progress: The woman . . . . Continue Reading »