How Much Are We Worth To You?

How do you get people to pay for something they can get for free? That’s the question that worries me during our fundraising drive . Obviously, I don’t have the answer. Because, to be perfectly honest, if I did I wouldn’t be working here: I’d be getting rich working for some . . . . Continue Reading »

The Secret of Appreciating Church

Like the vast majority of southern kids during the 1970?s and 80?s, I went to church from time to time. My parents took us to an Episcopal church for several years and then sporadically attended Baptist churches after that. For the most part, I was bored. The one outlier was a Sunday school class in . . . . Continue Reading »

How Noah’s Ark Was Way Too Wet

Is it true, as James Davison Hunter, claims in his new book, that the dominant public witness of the Christian churches in America since the early 1980s has been a political witness? Doug Wilson says, yes, it’s true . . . but : Think about this for a moment. The “most dominant public . . . . Continue Reading »

The Augustine Question

One of the wonderful moments in St. Augustine’s Confessions returned to me in force from out of the blue. Now, I’ve not been a Christian for long in my adult life, having been raised within the fold of the Church, but having fallen away for 20 years of my adult life until fairly . . . . Continue Reading »

On Knowing Your Interpretive Methods

We begin with the axiom that all things are interpreted. We interpret the world around us according to our personal framework — our world view and our presumed method(s) for arriving at an accurate conclusion. We may learn these frameworks from others and subsequently tailor them as needed to . . . . Continue Reading »

A Pastoral Standpoint

I have no idea how long ago I received my review copy of Abide by Jared C. Wilson, but it has had me on a guilt trip every since it came in the mail box.See: Jared and I sort of met because we both started blogging at Evangel, and I think we weren’t supposed to like each other. He’s a . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Murder in Our Hearts

In a few weeks I will start reading through the student evaluations of the faculty members I supervise.  My favorite part of this task is scanning the written comments for the kinds of nuggets that only students can produce.  Perhaps my all-time favorite came to my attention . . . . Continue Reading »

Time to Pony Up!

First Things , our generous host magazine, is now having its annual online fundraising week. This week only they’re offering to their readers a special subscription rate of $19.95 for the print magazine. To get this deal, readers have to go to this page ( . . . . Continue Reading »