Heading Off

“ Was will das Weib ?” Sigmund Freud famously asked— What does woman want? A few months ago, in this space , we pondered the significance of the eyeless, and even headless, women who have proliferated on the covers of historical novels in recent years—novels that are, in large . . . . Continue Reading »

Most Brilliant Christian Professors?

College Crunch put together a list of twenty Christian professors that are “‘brilliant’ in the original sense of the word—they shine brightly among their peers as towering figures in the academic world. In addition, they are all Christians who do not hide their Christianity . . . . Continue Reading »

SHS Funnies

The problem is, this is what many animal rightists—and Piraro is one—really believe.  I remember, after writing an anti animal rights column for the San Francisco Chronicle, I received an e-mail (or perhaps it was a letter to the editor), claiming that even if a chimp wrote a . . . . Continue Reading »

Song that everyone knows they don’t know

A few words before you watch this video.1. The point is obvious, and it’s been said before, but to see it in this high production value should make you at least be happy that the point is also going mainstream.2. The stunning irony of this video is that it comes from North Point Media — . . . . Continue Reading »

The Rawlsian Menace

Since a new survey of political theorists has confirmed the towering, unrivaled reputation of John Rawls, allow me to state briefly why this thralldom is a disaster for political philosophy.  Prof. Lawler is of course right that Rawls is boring, but he’s getting bigger rather than going . . . . Continue Reading »

The Most Brilliant Christian Professors

This list caught my eye: the “Most Brilliant Christian Professors.”  Their institutional affiliations and specialties are all over the map, which is interesting in its own way, and it reminded me of a conversation I once had in graduate school.One of my professors took me to the . . . . Continue Reading »

11 Most Annoying Catchphrases

A couple of years ago, researchers at Oxford University compiled a list of the top ten most irritating expressions. Their list included overused office lingo, (24/7, synergy), grammatically incorrect constructions (“shouldn’t of”), and adverbs used out of context (literally, ironically).While everything on their list is certainly irritating, few of the items rise to the level of truly annoying. Perhaps Americans have a particular facility with our shared language because we seem to have a special affinity for creating trite catchphrases. Here are my eleven candidates for most annoying sayings: Continue Reading »

Human origins — continued

It seems that if someone insults you by calling you a Neanderthal, they may actually be up to 4% correct if you are of Eurasian origin, according to this report: Neanderthal genes ‘survive in us’. How does this impact our understanding of the Genesis narrative? Might Genesis 6:1-4 have . . . . Continue Reading »