A Jewish Defense of Benedict XVI

Three cheers for Ross Douthat’s spirited defense of Benedict XVI as the uncharismatic successor who had to clean a set of messes left by his great predecessor John Paul II is heartening. Douthat writes: . . . the high-flying John Paul let scandals spread beneath his feet, and the . . . . Continue Reading »

A Divisive Scandal

In today’s “On the Square” article, Another Long Lent , George Weigel asks “where do things stand, two and a half weeks into what at first seemed poised to become a scandal as devastating as the Catholic Church in America’s Long Lent of eight years ago?” And . . . . Continue Reading »

Mystical Readings

Of interest to some of you: Biblical Exegesis as Mystical Experience in Judaism and Christianity , a conference being held at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh on April 22nd, as part of the theology department’s colloquium on the reception history of the Bible. I went to last year’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Wise Stewards

I liked Gayle Trotter’s post about her top ten parenting books so much I just had to make my own. Now in full disclosure I must tell you that I am not a parent, though I hope to be. In seeking wise instruction about what exactly parenthood is and how one’s attitude towards it should be . . . . Continue Reading »

Just Say No to Manned Missions to Mars

Joe: I think that a manned mission to Mars would be a colossal waste of the taxpayers’ money for very little scientific benefit. Anything that could be learned from a manned mission could be learned at far less cost by unmanned missions. The billions that it would cost to send men their would . . . . Continue Reading »

Stuck with Virtue in Our Pro-Life Future

The conference at Assumption on “Reintegrating Man” with the help of French Catholic thought was one of the best ever, particularly because I got to have the first and last words. Thanks to Glen Arbery and Dan Mahoney for a fine time. More later on the many things I learned there. One . . . . Continue Reading »

Abandoning the “Historical” Jesus

New Testament scholar Scot McKnight says the attempts to discover the “historical” Jesus have failed—and that it’s a good thing. In the 1980s, the central academic organization for biblical studies, the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), was energized in remarkable ways by . . . . Continue Reading »