The J. Wellington Wimpy Tax Policy

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today,” was a catchphrase made famous by J. Wellington Wimpy , a character in the comic strip Popeye . But it also describes, with slight modification, the attitude of Americans to funding government: “I’ll begrudgingly pay you . . . . Continue Reading »

HT: Challies

Great link from Challies at SBTS “The Towers”, from Chuck Lawless, Dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism. Seven sure-fire ways to blow up a church.Apply it liberally to yourself in whatever context you find yourself in. It’s great advice overall on how to . . . . Continue Reading »

Random News and Notes

1. So the final event of THE BUILDING BETTER THAN THEY KNEW TOUR at Furman was really enjoyable. You’ll not be surprised to know that I finished my big talk by explaining that there’s no solution to our so-called crisis in health care (with its deeply demographic dimension) that . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Parties and Populists

Over at The American Conservative, Larison uses the NY Times/CBS News poll to argue that the Tea Partiers aren’t populists but rather “base” conservatives . He echoes Peter Beinart, who points out the differences between the Tea Partiers and the followers of William Jennings . . . . Continue Reading »

Science and Religion: A Review Essay [1]

With the ongoing discussions about Bruce Waltke’s video at the BioLogos website and his subsequent resignation from RTS, as well as the long comment thread here at Evangel about events in Genesis, I thought I would post some thoughts about the relationship between science and religion that . . . . Continue Reading »