Corpus Juris Vol. VIII

After a brief respite, I am back with the latest round up of the blawgosphere’s must-read posts and articles: From the “elections have consequences” file, Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring from the Supreme Court of the United States . And while Stevens’s successor . . . . Continue Reading »

The Byzantine musical scale song

Many people are unaware that our own musical scale has a Byzantine counterpart, as indicated below: Western (Solfège): Do re mi fa so la ti do Greek (Byzantine): ?? (pa), ??? (vou), ?? (gha), ?? (thee), ?? (ke), ?? (zo), ?? (knee), ?? (pa)For those interested in learning it so as to begin to . . . . Continue Reading »

Top Ten Parenting Books

My oldest child just turned thirteen. In honor of that occasion, here is my top ten list of parenting books. 1. The Bible If you could have only one book for parenting, you would want a Bible. To start, it is a great bedtime story book. The stories are vivid, dramatic, romantic, . . . . Continue Reading »

Dutch Courage

A brief item of self-promotion: PoMoCon readers who happen to understand Dutch may be interested in a new volume, Conservatieve Vooruitgang recently published by Prometheus. It’s a greatest-hits tour of 20th century conservative thought, with an emphasis on libertarian, pluralist, and . . . . Continue Reading »