The Integrity of James Thomson

James Thomson, who first derived human embryonic stem cells, is a man of integrity. I disagree with him on the ethics of the issue, but he always tells it like it is. For example, where some cloning advocates claim that a cloned human embryo is not really an embryo—a major argument of the pro . . . . Continue Reading »

Biotechnological Colonialism

And so, what I call biotechnological colonialism continues. Now. the Times of London is reporting, British would-be parents are traveling to India to buy embryos for implantation and birth. From the story: “The booming industry has attracted criticism on ethical grounds. Social workers in . . . . Continue Reading »

China to "Experiment" With Euthanasia

The Chinese Government is being advised to experiment with euthanasia in preparation for full legalization in coming years. Why are we surprised? A nation that sells the organs of executed prisoners and has a eugenics public policy, is probably not going to be squeamish about doctors killing . . . . Continue Reading »

Ashley’s Case: Final Words

I have a piece in today’s NRO about Ashley’s Case. The article was written a few weeks ago when the story was hotter, but I think it remains worth our contemplation. In the column, I worry that Ashley was used as a subject of unethical human experimentation, point out that “what we . . . . Continue Reading »

Hawaii Assisted Suicide Bill in Big Trouble

This is great news: The bill to legalize assisted suicide in Hawaii is apparently close to failing. What makes this so impressive is that a few years ago it came within two or three votes of passing the legislature and going on to the former governor who wanted his legacy to be assisted suicide . . . . Continue Reading »