Adult Stem Cells in the News

Whilst I have been sojourning in the land of incredible pasta, a lot has been happening on the adult stem cell front. In order to catch up, I’ll just include a few links and let those of you who are interested follow where they lead:- Bone marrow stem cells appear to have helped save a German . . . . Continue Reading »

Young Woman Charged With Killing Newborn

Awful stories such as this one pop up from time to time: A Pittsburgh woman gave birth and is charged with killing her newborn daughter minutes after she was born:“The defendant made no attempt to seek medical care and even went so far as to deny to medical personnel that she had even given . . . . Continue Reading »

A Not So New Kind of Suicide Hotline

Not to prevent suicide, but to help you learn how to do the deed: A new how-to-commit-suicide hot line, er “counseling” service brought to you from the zealots at Compassion and Choices (formerly Hemlock Society). Typically in efforts such as this, the suicide promoters always try to . . . . Continue Reading »

Much Happening While I Am Gone

Buena serra from bella Tuscana. I have noticed that much has been happening with the issues we cover. In Brave New Britain, the “we never say no” regulators have approved human-animal cloned chimera embryos and are offering women half off of IVF to “donate” their eggs for use . . . . Continue Reading »

Time Out

Secondhand Smokette and I are taking our younger Secondhand Niece to Italy for a two week sojourn and a badly needed rest. It will be a busy fall, with work progressing on my animal rights book, articles to write, and an active speaking schedule. Time to recharge the batteries, eat some pasta, drink . . . . Continue Reading »

Get Your Colonoscopy: Part 2

I received news from my doctor that made me doubly glad I had a colonoscopy. The one polyp that was discovered was not the usual kind found in the colon. Rather, it was a benign tumor known as a leiomyoma. There was no chance it would have turned to cancer, but it could have gotten big and caused . . . . Continue Reading »