More on Battin "No Slippery Slope" Study

I blogged a few days ago about the propaganda piece, er study, proclaiming no slippery slope with regard to assisted suicide. Well, here is the PDF of the report itself. But I note the following, which seems odd for a peer reviewed journal:Original version received 10 July 2007Accepted 10 July 2007 . . . . Continue Reading »

Making Assisted Suicide Seductive

The media love stories such as this one in the Oregonian, byline Don Colburn; of the “fiercely independent” man or woman who decides the time has come to die through assisted suicide. From the story:Lovelle Svart woke up Friday knowing it was the day she would die. There was much to do. . . . . Continue Reading »

"No Brakes"

I am a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and the Culture. I was recently asked to comment on the UK’s approval of permitting scientists to try and create human/animal cloned embryos, apparently called “cybrids.” It is called “No Brakes.” Here is my . . . . Continue Reading »