Biotechnological Colonialism

We, the rich (compared to the rest of the world), the lovers of “choice,” the oh, so liberal and enlightened, seem to be moving toward a new form of colonialism. Only this time, it isn’t about copper mines or timber forests. It deals in human body parts (buying the organs of the . . . . Continue Reading »

Parents Sue Doctors for Reviving Baby

Because the child survived with serious disabilities. But the Supreme Court of Washington-State threw it out. Good. Imagine if a court ruled that saving the life of a disabled baby could bring liability, but not saving the life of an able-bodied baby. Saving a life in such circumstances should not . . . . Continue Reading »

New Jersey Question 2 Obituary

The New York Times obituary for Question 2 is interesting. It notes that ground had already been broken on building facilities to house research companies that would have been paid to do human cloning and ESCR with taxpayers’ borrowed money—but now won’t. Predictably, one of the . . . . Continue Reading »