Lead into Gold: ESCR Hype Continues

“The scientists” were thrown a bit by the iPSC breakthrough, but they are in a full counter attack mode with the help of a compliant media. Here is an example. A researcher named Hans Keirstead, gave a speech and somehow got a full story out of it that is exclusively about his views in . . . . Continue Reading »

"Lead Into Gold:" Stem Cell Counter Attack

If anyone thought that the pro human cloners would fold up their tents and steal away after the news was released that patient-specific, pluripotent stem cells had been derived from normal skin cells, they just didn’t understand how fervently some scientists and their camp followers want to . . . . Continue Reading »

60 MINUTES Good Program on "Awakenings"

60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper did a good job tonight on the hope that now clearly exists for at least some patients in a minimally conscious state. The show focused on the Ambien awakenings, which we have discussed here many times at SHS and in my articles. I was also pleased to note that Anderson . . . . Continue Reading »

"Balance" in the Assisted Suicide Debate

The Canadian television show, “The Verdict” which featured my good friend, Mark Pickup in the third segment, is so typical of the pro assisted suicide public affairs media explorations of the issue. First, notice how the question is posed:Are Canadian laws robbing people of the right to . . . . Continue Reading »

UK Circus Animals Not Mistreated

Animal liberationists are ever about the task of impeding any and all uses of animals for any human purpose. One target here and abroad is entertainment, particularly circuses, based on the claim that circuses abuse their animals. This is a dubious assertion, given that healthy animals are needed . . . . Continue Reading »