Pushing for Assisted Suicide on Demand

The Hastings Center Report is probably the most prestigious bioethics journal in the world. Thus, when an opinion article appears in its pages, the ideas expressed are definitely in play among the bioethical elite. I bring this up because an article appeared in the May-June edition advocating . . . . Continue Reading »

A Thwarted Dehydration

I have been watching this case since it first hit the news in Arizona. On May 30, Jesse Ramirez was arguing with his wife when their SUV rolled over. He was left unconscious. The doctors said his case was “hopeless,” that he would never wake up. The wife moved him to a hospice and had . . . . Continue Reading »

The ECONOMIST Misses the Obvious

The Economist, which I consider the best newsweekly in the world (and no bylines!), published an article apparently bemoaning the increased rate of suicide around the world. And yet, although the article ostensibly urges governments to try and prevent suicides, it actually seems to back the notion . . . . Continue Reading »