Last year, Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology, claimed to have derived human embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos. That report turned out to be, shall we say, exaggerated. In fact, ACT’s researchers had destroyed all the embryos they worked on.Now, Lanza has announced that . . . . Continue Reading »

Dog "Art" Isn’t

This is a fun story about a school that trains dogs to assist people with disabilities that came up with a novel way of raising funds for their important work: Dog “art.” Here’s the story:The owner of a fledgling dog-training academy in Salisbury has come up with a bizarre . . . . Continue Reading »

China’s Slavery Problem

This is an ugly story: Children are being enslaved as brick makers in China. From the London Times report: More than 1,000 children may have been kidnapped and sold into slave labour in a brutal human trafficking ring that has shocked and outraged China. The children, some as young as 8, worked in . . . . Continue Reading »

Mitt Romney’s Stem Cell Politics

Governor Mitt Romney, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, has a piece in today’s NRO promoting “alternatives” to embryonic stem cell research. Skipping over his partisan arguments, here is the crux of his column:I studied the issue for many months, and . . . . Continue Reading »