Much Happening While I Am Gone

Buena serra from bella Tuscana. I have noticed that much has been happening with the issues we cover. In Brave New Britain, the “we never say no” regulators have approved human-animal cloned chimera embryos and are offering women half off of IVF to “donate” their eggs for use . . . . Continue Reading »

Time Out

Secondhand Smokette and I are taking our younger Secondhand Niece to Italy for a two week sojourn and a badly needed rest. It will be a busy fall, with work progressing on my animal rights book, articles to write, and an active speaking schedule. Time to recharge the batteries, eat some pasta, drink . . . . Continue Reading »

Get Your Colonoscopy: Part 2

I received news from my doctor that made me doubly glad I had a colonoscopy. The one polyp that was discovered was not the usual kind found in the colon. Rather, it was a benign tumor known as a leiomyoma. There was no chance it would have turned to cancer, but it could have gotten big and caused . . . . Continue Reading »

"Wrong" Baby Aborted

The moral implications of this story are profound and complex. An Italian couple was pregnant with twins. One of the fetuses tested positive for Down syndrome. A eugenic abortion was performed. The baby without Down was destroyed. The Down child was then also aborted. From the story in the (London) . . . . Continue Reading »

PETA’s Worst Nightmare Strikes Again

The Center for Consumer Freedom, a food industry-financed non profit, knows more about the animal rights movement and its leading minions than anybody. The Center is also as edgy and in-your-face as the animal activists, which doesn’t please the liberationists one bit—proving that PETA . . . . Continue Reading »