Dog "Art" Isn’t

This is a fun story about a school that trains dogs to assist people with disabilities that came up with a novel way of raising funds for their important work: Dog “art.” Here’s the story:The owner of a fledgling dog-training academy in Salisbury has come up with a bizarre . . . . Continue Reading »

China’s Slavery Problem

This is an ugly story: Children are being enslaved as brick makers in China. From the London Times report: More than 1,000 children may have been kidnapped and sold into slave labour in a brutal human trafficking ring that has shocked and outraged China. The children, some as young as 8, worked in . . . . Continue Reading »

Mitt Romney’s Stem Cell Politics

Governor Mitt Romney, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, has a piece in today’s NRO promoting “alternatives” to embryonic stem cell research. Skipping over his partisan arguments, here is the crux of his column:I studied the issue for many months, and . . . . Continue Reading »