"Medical Marijuana" Political Follies

The House of Representatives has voted down an amendment that would have prohibited the DEA from enforcing federal drug laws against medical marijuana participants in states where cannabis as medicine is legal. And the bill only got two more votes than the last time the House considered it before . . . . Continue Reading »

Can Human "Non Persons" be Molested?

Personhood theorists claim that one who becomes permanently unconscious has lost personhood. Some even claim that such people are “dead.” In any event, personhood theorists hold that a permanently unconscious human being is of materially less moral value than persons (perhaps including . . . . Continue Reading »

Interfering with Natural Selection

This charming story about Jessica the Hippo is a bit disturbing. Jessica was saved from death by human intervention—we are the only species that do this constantly for species other than our own. And the game warden’s saving her life at the age of one day, represents our unique capacity . . . . Continue Reading »

Coming Cure for Alzheimer’s?

Actually, perhaps an effective drug treatment that can prevent the plaque from destroying areas of the brain. From the story:Biologists have developed a compound which has successfully prevented the disease killing brain cells, improving memory and learning ability that was already damaged.The . . . . Continue Reading »

Man With Tiny Brain Fully Functional

This is an interesting story that demonstrates the astonishing adaptability of the body. A man was found with a brain only about 25% the usual size, and yet he is fully functional and not mentally impaired. From the story in the New Scientist:A man with an unusually tiny brain manages to live an . . . . Continue Reading »