Real Life Rip Van Winkle Awakens

Jan Grzebski has awakened after 19 years of unconsciousness. When he was in an accident, Poland was in the throes of a communist tyranny. Now it is free, and rocking and rolling (which I also saw on my recent visit there). From the story:“When I went into a coma there was only tea and vinegar . . . . Continue Reading »

Dutch "Organ" TV Game Show A Hoax

Well, I bit. It turns out that the Dutch television show in which a woman was going to decide who would receive her kidney was a hoax designed to pressure the government into changing the organ procurement laws. The reason the hoax was so successful is that such a program seemed quite believable. In . . . . Continue Reading »

Another Take on Kevorkian

Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson opines that Kevorkian was just a man ahead of his time. Imagine the “reality show” television potential, he writes, if Kevorkian were working today:How differently things might have turned out if the nation’s first shock doc had waited . . . . Continue Reading »