A.B. 374: Ding Dong the Bill is Dead!

I just received a report that A.B. 374, which would legalize assisted suicide in California, does not have the votes to pass in the Assembly and hence, will not be brought up for a vote. This is a great, hard fought, victory for a strange bedfellow political coalition consisting of liberals and . . . . Continue Reading »

Phony Cloning Ban Loses in House

Legislation that redefines human cloning so that it legalizes it while purporting to ban it altogether is all the rage these days among Big Biotech boosters. An attempt to pass such a phony ban in the Congress lost today by a majority vote. Yuval Levin has the details over at . . . . Continue Reading »

Sweating Out Assisted Suicide in Sacramento

The word from Sacramento is that the authors of A.B. 374, and Assembly Speaker Nunez have turned the political pressure cooker to the red zone as they seek 41 votes to pass the bill into the California Senate. So far, they are apparently not there. The news is that the bill has been put into the . . . . Continue Reading »

More Progress on Cell Reversion

Scientists continue to make headway on the goal of reverting adult cells back to an embryonic stem cell state. From the story:Their procedure makes ordinary skin cells behave like stem cells. If the same can be done with human cells - a big if - the procedure could lead to breakthrough medical . . . . Continue Reading »