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Muslim Progressives Paul Rowan Brian (“Muslims in American Politics,” November) has deftly laid bare the source of Muslims’ predicament in the United States: their profound anxiety over being accepted as “real” Americans, and the tendency of this anxiety to overcome their confidence in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Reclaiming the Household

The decline of the family has roots in the demise of the household. While the two realities are intimately connected, they are not identical. The household is a social form, a domestic community; the family, too, is a social unit, but it shades into the purely biological fact of consanguinity. . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch: Jedi Friday

Yoda you seek? Jedi knight you think you are? Icthus on car you want not? In luck you are today.May the Force be with your wedding reception. Still looking for a lightsaber to cut the cake with . . . Meanwhile, Cake Wrecks has your number, O Jedi bride. Alternatively, make the cake yourself. And . . . . Continue Reading »

Rerun Season: The Plague of Flies

I’m out all day both today and tomorrow, first at our Latin-Mass-Holy-Hour-Pa-Looza, and then on a day-long field trip to a military-chaplains’ museum. As I was casting about for some religious idea to leave you with, my eye fell on the dog, who has been stalking flies. He’s not . . . . Continue Reading »

Crossing Sally’s Living Room

So let’s continue our redecoration of Sally’s House with crosses. The picture I thought I had found of the house yesterday turned out to be her old house; her new one is much lovelier. And lovelier still, will it be, when we’re done?For the living room, we already have a sofa and . . . . Continue Reading »

Crossing Everything

So, for decorating Sally’s house, I’ve found a curtain panel:and hanging lights:and a kapok pillow for the couch:Kapok. Kapok. Isn’t that a great word?I think, though, that I’ve reached a limit on how much crossing even a house like Sally’s can stand. Still, I’ll . . . . Continue Reading »

Therefore They Took a Key and Opened Them

Jesus and Mary key covers:I was going to say: Because Christians have keys, too. But, Sally, these are from Urban Outfitters, which suggests something—though I’m not quite sure what.Urban Outfitters is sort of Yuppie Hipsterdom, right? Like Pottery Barn: a chain store of hip stuff for the . . . . Continue Reading »

Mrs. Clean Lives Here

But unfortunately, her besetting sin is sloth. Either that, or she’s a Platonist. The Platonic House! Cleaner than any house could ever be in reality! Meanwhile, the cave is set to receive more out-of-town company today . . . Jody’s brush posts remind me that we have here, at this blog, . . . . Continue Reading »

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