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Why do Christians Revere Jerusalem?

Apparently, the Times’s staff is so unfamiliar with basic Christian teachings that the Resurrection slips right by them. In this, they are not alone among our mainstream media. I once heard a BBC news announcer refer to Easter as the holiday on which Christians commemorate the death of Jesus. Continue Reading »

Denunciation Overload

Given the fact that the regular opinion writers for our nation's establishment liberal paper so often indulge in denunciation, I find it more than a little odd that everyone is hysterical about Donald Trump's intemperate rhetoric. Continue Reading »

Polygamy's Coming. (Yawn)

Clickbait titles are rampant on the Internet, but I was still surprised to see William Baude’s article “Is Polygamy Next?” in the morning print edition of the New York Times.The thrust of his argument is that marriage and child rearing is an experiment which has been suppressed throughout . . . . Continue Reading »

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