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Celebrating International Blasphemy Day

So, here’s what they suggest doing. In the contrarian spirit of Saint Jerome, whose feast it was first, here are some alternative ideas: Put a WWJDrive bumper sticker on your 15-passenger van. Tell a girl that growing up to be a wife and mommy is an interesting and intellectually satisfying . . . . Continue Reading »

More eBaywatch!

Jesus Temporary Tattoo. Bidding ends in 13 days, which is longer than He will last on your bicep. You’ll want this to go with the tattoo, and this to complete the effect. Or, if you’re more inclined towards the crypto-profound, this t-shirt might appeal to you instead. Now, this thing . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch: Uptown Saturday Night

Whoo. Let’s see what we’ve got going on tonight. Oh, oh, oh. Check it out. Easter’s over, baby, but you can beat the rush. I know about being forgiven, but won’t wearing a t-shirt that says so make people want to ask you what you did? In my town it would. “Whu’d . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Ambivalent About This One, No No No

Hello? Whose clever idea was this? Who woke up one bright morning and thought, “I know what people want to wear to the mall! A hand impaled on a pencil, that’s what?” I mean, what are we trying to illustrate here? Jesus as more than a good teacher . . . yeah . . . . . Continue Reading »

Talk the Talk, Walk the Dog

I’m a dog. Dogs had nothing to do with the Fall. We’re not ashamed. We don’t make aprons out of fig leaves. And we really don’t like wearing sweaters. But we love you, and if this makes you feel better, then whatever.Actually, I’m not sure that you’re not God, but . . . . Continue Reading »

Are You In or Out?

“Are you in or out? asks this tee-shirt from, if I’m in, like where the question mark is, am I then the fourth person of the Trinity? Sun, empty cross, estimable bird, and—me?Saint Athanasius, phone home.[rating: . . . . Continue Reading »

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