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Celebrating International Blasphemy Day

So, here’s what they suggest doing. In the contrarian spirit of Saint Jerome, whose feast it was first, here are some alternative ideas: Put a WWJDrive bumper sticker on your 15-passenger van. Tell a girl that growing up to be a wife and mommy is an interesting and intellectually satisfying . . . . Continue Reading »

Help Me Out Here

This is the strangest thing I’ve seen all day.Well, that’s not strictly true. But it’s true enough for our purposes. The thing is, I need to think of a religious reason for you to want it. Uh . . . you . . . want to make some kind of point about creationism and evolution? See no . . . . Continue Reading »

. . . Something . . . Strikes Back . . .

All right, class. We’ve been learning how God is one God, but three Persons, and I’m wondering if anyone can tell us the names of those three Persons. Anyone? Yes, you there. Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer? Um . . . well . . . those are things which the three Persons do, but they . . . . Continue Reading »

This Isn’t a Barbie How?

My friend Nathaniel comments that he’d like to see a “Jael With Her Tent Peg,” but I think that’s expecting a level of biblical literalism, to coin a phrase which was already in existence and didn’t really need coining . . . Anyway, you tell me. Barbie: Sarah, from the . . . . Continue Reading »

Playing Fantasy, History and Faith

Kevin Heekin, of Heekin Pewter, is the popular guy at any crafts fair. While their mothers are off buying candles, boys line up at Heekin’s booth not only to admire his pewter figurines, but to buy them — at three to five dollars each, his unpainted figures are maybe the only thing at . . . . Continue Reading »

O, Come, Angel Band . . .

Those wings . . . I dunno . . .In my house things like that make the vacuum cleaner retch and the dog run away.Besides, I’m a cheapskate, and on those occasions when somebody has to be a fairy, or a dragon, or Saint Michael, I generally make our own wings.My formula is simple.wire . . . . Continue Reading »

I’ll Fly Away

What do you think, Sally? Would the younger kids in your house enjoy or employ NEW! Feather and Marabou Angel Wings?“Get ready for Christmas plays and other plays in your church group with these adorable Angel Wings,” the advertising copy at the crafts store says. But looking at these, . . . . Continue Reading »

We Are Unable to Accept Shofars for Return

It would be named Oy Toys, wouldn’t it? Lest anyone think we seek out only Christian tastelessness here at Icons and Curiosities, behold, I bring you:The Basketball Menorah Wood Craft! Sports fans will love will love it, Oy Toys tells us. “Watch as the children transform nine raw wood . . . . Continue Reading »

Whoa, That Thing Looks Familiar

I think I’ve seen it in my house. I mean, I have one of those little pinky girls who would own something like this, and if it had Hello Kitty on it, she would have two of them. Praise Ponies! Yay! Pictured: “Faith” Praise Pony. Ten cool accessories and Bible verse included! . . . . Continue Reading »

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