"Wrong" Baby Aborted

The moral implications of this story are profound and complex. An Italian couple was pregnant with twins. One of the fetuses tested positive for Down syndrome. A eugenic abortion was performed. The baby without Down was destroyed. The Down child was then also aborted. From the story in the (London) . . . . Continue Reading »

PETA’s Worst Nightmare Strikes Again

The Center for Consumer Freedom, a food industry-financed non profit, knows more about the animal rights movement and its leading minions than anybody. The Center is also as edgy and in-your-face as the animal activists, which doesn’t please the liberationists one bit—proving that PETA . . . . Continue Reading »

Get Your Colonoscopy!

My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 62 and died at age 65 (in 1984). So my doctor and I agreed that at 58, it was high time I had a colonoscopy. (About seven years ago, I underwent the less “intense” sigmoidoscopy.) Well, this morning the deed was done and a small polyp was . . . . Continue Reading »

The Consequences of Sex Eugenics in China

A crisis looms in China as 18 million men want wives and the women don’t exist because of forced abortion, female infanticide, and other eugenic actions resulting from China’s one child policy. From the story in the Guardian:China is planning to tighten punishments for sex-selective . . . . Continue Reading »