It Will Kill You AND It Smells Good!

The below quoted piece of twisted thinking was posted on an assisted suicide list serve whose members are obsessed with “self deliverance” methods (my emphasis):If you are planning to self-deliver with helium and want to make your own “hood” but cannot find turkey-roasting . . . . Continue Reading »

Xenophobia Against the Obese

This story is unbelievable. New Zealand is refusing to let a woman emigrate from the UK to be with her husband because she is too fat. Wouldn’t want to let someone in who might cost the nationalized health care system too much money, don’t you know. From the story:Robyn Toomath, a . . . . Continue Reading »

Smith Still # 1!

Other names may be trying to catch up with Smith, but we will never give up the championship. Despite a bit of a decline, we are still number 1! From the NYT story:Smith remains the most common surname in the United States, according to a new analysis released yesterday by the Census Bureau. But for . . . . Continue Reading »

Ian Wilmut Rejects Human Cloning!

Well, this is some unexpected good news: Ian Wilmut is turning his back on human cloning.Wilmut has had several positions on this morally contentious and volatile issue. In his book The Second Creation, Wilmut wrote that he would not engage in human cloning. Then, he supported reproductive cloning, . . . . Continue Reading »

Human "Egg Rights Showdown"

What a dumb headline from the AP: “Court Clears Way for Egg Rights Showdown.” No, there is no attempt to give eggs any rights.The story actually involves the court’s approval for backers of an initiative in Colorado to obtain petition signatures. If the proposal makes it to the . . . . Continue Reading »

Suicide Friendly TV From the BBC

Is it just me, or does it also seem to you that the popular entertainment is increasingly pro-suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia in its themes and plot lines? The latest example, alas, was brought to us by BBC’s Torchwood—one of my favorite programs, a spin-off of another . . . . Continue Reading »