More "Right to Suicide" Advocacy

The momentum is growing in some quarters advocating for what is often called “rational suicide.” One of the first articles I saw about “rational suicide” was written some nine years ago by a former Hemlock Society activist and psychologist named James Werth, in the mental . . . . Continue Reading »

Geoffrey Fieger Indicted

Geoffrey Fieger, Jack Kevorkian’s former lawyer who deserted the sinking ship just before it went down, has been indicted for conspiracy to violate campaign contribution laws in the 2004 election. I take no position on his guilt or innocence, of course. But one of the things that drove me to . . . . Continue Reading »

Cloned Monkey Fetal Farming

I have long asserted that conducting ESCR and human cloning research is not intended, nor will it long remain, in the Petri dish. Rather, the real game is implantation and gestation into the late embryo and fetal stages, which would better permit disease studies, research into genetic engineering, . . . . Continue Reading »

Should Animals Be Patented?

I am no fan of anti-vivisection societies given that I believe medical research using animals is scientifically necessary and (usually) a profoundly humanitarian work, and these groups seek to end such activities. That being said, I do think they can provide a valuable contribution to society by . . . . Continue Reading »